Hiking guide in Tuscany

The hiking guide (GAE) is a freelance professional who has been qualified according to Italian and regional laws. He/she can accompany single people or groups in walking itineraries in natural or build up environments. GAE guides offer completely safe hiking trips providing appropriate assistance. They also provide thorough explanations of natural environments, ecological systems, historical backgrounds and cultural elements. Some environmental education is also offered. Itineraries which require mountain gear and protection are not included.

The environmental guide will help and rescue any participant in difficulty promoting safe attitudes among the group. The development of the itinerary will be adapted according to the individual skills and abilities of the participants according to ethical principles.

The environmental guide collaborates with the local government and authorities to protect natural environments, conserve hiking paths and their signals and with touristic authorities and schools as an expert of environmental education. He/she might be employed as a freelance in service cooperatives, touristic associations, park authorities, public administration, in travel agents and anywhere his/her expertise is required.